About Cambridge...

Cambridge University is the fourth oldest university in the western world and the second eldest in the UK. The oldest university in the UK is Oxford, and together they are commonly referred to as ‘Oxbridge’. The University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research university, founded in 1209 and grew out of an association of scholars who left Oxford University during a period of conflict between the state and the church.


The rich history, achievements and influence of the University made it one of the most prestigious academic facilities in the world. The university is spread across Cambridge city centre and many other areas in the surroundings. It comprises of 31 constituent colleges and 100 academic departments that specialise in a wide range of subjects. The university also oversees the operation of the Botanic Garden, used for biological research. There are eight scientific and cultural museums and a library containing eight million of the fifteen million books within the universities collection.

In 2019 Cambridge was listed by the ‘Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ as the second best university in the world. Explore the rich history, architecture and stories the old city and university has to offer.