Champagne Punting Tours

Experience the quintessential charm of Cambridge and hop aboard our Champagne punting tour and enjoy sipping bubbly and indulge in sweet strawberries as you cruise along the famous College Backs. Treat yourself to a luxurious punting experience like no other!




Experience Cambridge Luxury

Experience the essence of Cambridge and tantalise your tastebuds with our Champagne Punting Tour!

Indulge in the ultimate Champagne punting experience in Cambridge, where you and your group can enjoy privacy, where you can sip bubbly, glide along the renowned College Backs, and indulge in sweet strawberries for a truly luxurious experience.

Your Tour includes:

  • Enjoy a 50 minute chauffeured private tour on our traditional punts with an award winning tour guide
  • Board and embark at our Jesus Green Moorings
  • Travel through the picturesque College Backs
  • Glide beneath stunning bridges and past sublime Colleges
  • See the renowned architectural delights of riverfront buildings
  • Chilled delicious sparkling Champagne in fluted glasses
  • Fresh sweet strawberries to accompany your Champagne!

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