Cambridge Travel Guide

Are you planning a trip to Cambridge? Find our more about the Cambridge University student written Cambridge Day Planner which includes hidden gems, local recommendations, exclusive discounts and more!



The Key To Cambridge

The official Cambridge Travel Guide! With its unmatched benefits, this one of a kind guide pays for itself.

The Key To Cambridge is notoriously known as the Cambridge Day Planner to both locals and tourists. This comprehensive guidebook helps you make the most of this historical city whilst saving you money.

Our Cambridge Guidebook includes:

  • A Self Guided Walking Tour throughout the city centre of Cambridge, exploring the historical overview of the iconic city highlights for you to enjoy at your own pace.
  • Exclusive discounts to the top Cambridge Independent businesses: from Cafe’s, restaurants, bars, boutiques and more!
  • Hidden gems: Local’s favourite secret spots in Cambridge that might be missed by the visitors eye.
  • A Museum Guide and Walking tour to all of the Museums within Cambridge, great for families seeking an engaging activity!
  • Exclusive discounts to your punting and walking tour experience here in Cambridge. Save your pennies and experience Cambridge.
  • An Informative historical overview of all of the most iconic Cambridge College’s. Great for history buffs.
  • A run down of the top Cambridge attractions!

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